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 Supah's supah kewl biographical biography.

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Supah's supah kewl biographical biography. Empty
PostSubject: Supah's supah kewl biographical biography.   Supah's supah kewl biographical biography. Icon_minitimeThu Apr 02, 2009 6:42 pm

Name: Caitlin

Interests: Star Wars, Guitar playing, video gaming, etc.

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Really dark brown

Fears: Chuck Norris...

Favorite Number: 7

Favorite Letter: B

Instruments: Piano, Guitar, Cello

Occupation: Student

Type Of Student: Average old student, no one special...

TV Shows: American Idol, America's Best Dance Crew, Hell's Kitchen, Jon and Kate plus 8, Psych, and yes this is a really old show, The Golden Girls. Other stuff too, this isn't all I watch. Haha.

Music: The Who, Queen, Deep Purple, AC/DC, Anberlin, Relient k, tobyMac, Newsboys... basically people you've probably never heard of.

Type Of Internet: Widnows Internet Explorer 8 provided by Yahoo!

I enjoy long walks on the beach and...

Haha, no. There's not much more to say about me... I really like music, playing the guitar... I play the piano as well, and I have experience with the cello. I like being with my friends all the time, and I like to help people with things. And I might have some slight A.D.D.

That's basically me. I could say more, but there's too much to think about at the moment. lol!
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Supah's supah kewl biographical biography.
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