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 Hi, it's Molly!

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Hi, it's Molly! Empty
PostSubject: Hi, it's Molly!   Hi, it's Molly! Icon_minitimeTue Mar 03, 2009 7:00 pm

Hi! I'm Molly! I'm twelve years old and I'm in seventh grade. I love to play piano; I've been playing for seven years, about. I love to sing and act. I love to read a lot, which is probably why I get good grades. (I'm not bragging, sorry if it seems like I am.) I also love to write. I'm on lots of other forums, so I know how to work this stuff. I try to be mature. I'm also very artistic, and I love graphic designing- though I'm not good at it. My Bat Mitzvah (it's a Jewish thing) is in two weeks, March 14th, so I'm really scared!

My pet peeves (just so you know):

  • incorrect grammar
  • incorrect spelling
  • screeching on violin/viola (I'm in orchestra too, first violin and proud)
  • people touching me
  • and a lot of other things that I forget...

I know I sound like a goody two-shoes, but I'm a really nice person once you get to know me. I hate bullies (I've been bullied) and I am drastically unpopular (not that I care. And I hope you don't either.) Oh, and I'm learning French. Lol.
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Hi, it's Molly! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hi, it's Molly!   Hi, it's Molly! Icon_minitimeSun Mar 08, 2009 6:28 pm

Hi Molly, welcome to the Homework Help Forums! Cool, you are in Orchestra... I was too, when I was in 6th grade. It's so fun, isn't it? Ha, I like reading too. What's a favorite book of yours?

Hmm, I'm no writer... but there is someone on another forum I'm a member of, the Miniclip Forums, that is a great writer. Kewl. Razz

March 14th, I'll be sure to make you a Happy Birthday thread then!

Oh, and don't worry, I'm pretty drastically unpopular as well. Lol. And I'm taking Italian, but I think French is cool too.

Well, I hope you enjoy your stay here! Ask for help if you need it, you probably won't need any help... See you around!
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Hi, it's Molly!
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